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Appy 1.0.17 🐍 2023/12/24 1.0.12 - 2022/06/22

Appy 1.0.12 has been released. Here is the detailed changelog.


  • Importing images into ODS results via statements of the form do cell from+ : fix (cleaner and better documented implementation).
  • Renderer: added parameter named stylesOutlineDeltas. When using the xhtml function, beyond using styles mapping, it is now possible to alter the outline level of every style found in your POD template, by specifying a dict in this new parameter. Keys are style names and values are deltas to apply to their outline levels.


POD now ships with some utility scripts, lying in appy/bin.

  • allows to perform find & replace operations within POD templates
  • cleans POD notes, whose formatting may lead to syntax errors.
  • checks or updates a sub-pod template imported into a main one via a statement do...from pod, using attribute managePageStyles being an integer value.