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Appy 1.0.17 🐍 2023/12/24 1.0.4 - 2020/11/13

Appy 1.0.4 has been released. Here is the detailed changelog.


  • Function xhtml - Management of borders: bugfix.
  • Function xhtml - CSS attributes expressed in percentages: fix.
  • Function xhtml - Reading CSS attributes: fixes.
  • Function xhtml - Management of table margins: fix.
  • Function xhtml - Added the possibility to use the pretty printer to inject chunks of Python code within produced results.
  • Communication with LibreOffice (LO) via UNO: removed a code leading to the LO process using 100% CPU forever.
  • Added Renderer parameter csvOptions allowing to customize CSV export, when the POD result is a CSV file.
  • Removed obsolete function test from the POD context.
  • More comments in the code and better formatting.