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Appy 1.0.17 🐍 2023/12/24 1.0.3 - 2020/08/21

Appy 1.0.3 has been released. Here is the detailed changelog.


  • Function xhtml - do not crash when CSS attribute width:auto is encountered.
  • Function xhtml - New algorithm for optimizing column widths. A contribution by Théo Delannay.
  • Function xhtml - XHTML parser - Added a visitor allowing to optimize/standardize XHTML tables.
  • Statement do ... from document(at=) - Accept pathlib.Path instances as valid values for attribute at.
  • Code determining the size of images by reading its first bytes: fix.
  • Added function shape to the POD context, allowing to inject a shape in a POD result.
  • Added function cell to be used in ODS templates, with statements like do... from cell(). It allows to dump a cell whose style can be chosen among cell styles defined in the ODS template.
  • Overall performance improvement.
  • Added attribute fonts to the Renderer, allowing to choose the font to apply to all styles within a POD template.
  • Removed Renderer parameter imageResolver, replaced with attribute findImage.
  • Stop using module cgi.
  • Stop converting SVG images to PNG.
  • Added new multi-variable definition : *=fun, where fun must be a function returning a dict ; this dict is used to create the corresponding variables in the context.
  • POD's integration test framework now works with Python 3 and the POD test suite is now fully operational. Executing the whole test suite with Python 3.6.9 takes 22% less time than with Python 2.4.4.