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Appy 1.0.17 🐍 2023/12/24 1.0.15 - 2023/05/04

Appy 1.0.15 has been released. Here is the detailed changelog.


  • Else statements do not evaluate the tied if expression again: it gets the evaluation result from the context instead. It also allows to solve errors where a variable is defined in the same block of statements as the if statement (and is used by this latter), but is unknown in the context of the else statement.
  • ⚠️ classes BulletedProperties and NumberedProperties (see this page): default values for some attributes have been changed.
  • Using the Renderer with the template specified as a BytesIO object: fix.
  • xhtml function: manage li tags within div tags, as produced by Appy's XhtmlDiffer.
  • Performance: all %-based string replacements have been converted to f-strings.


  • Script · Works even if the first content element in the document is a table.
  • Script manage chars 'apos' and 'quot'.


  • Check out the Appy-specific HTTP client from appy/utils/ it is now able to send HTTP POST requests in multipart format, containing binary files.