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Appy contains several utility programs, most of them lying in appy/bin. This section describes some of these programs. When Appy is installed, executable appy (currently not available under Windows) is added to the path (as already stated here): every utility program described in the following sub-sections is available as a appy sub-command.

If you type appy in a shell, you'll get something like this:

if you want to launch program appy/bin/, you must simply type:

appy ogrep

Every such program has option -h, allowing to output its documentation.

appy ogrep -h

As noted in the screenshot, an alternate, equivalent syntax is:

appy help ogrep
1 ogrep · Find & replace within POD templates
2 oclean · Cleaning POD templates
3 osub · Preparing sub-pod templates
4 convert · convert files using LibreOffice
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