Appy (Applications in python) is a GPL framework for creating Python web apps.
But faster. A LOT faster!
Grasp its technical principles & psychological effects or download the Appy manifesto.
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appy.gen – create basic & advanced classes – security & workflows || appy.pod – create basic & advanced templates – render templates.

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gen - Create web apps without knowing anything about web technologies. Just pure Python.

You are a small team? A one-man-show? You are bored with technicals details preventing you from being creative and productive? You think conceptual but prefer coding over drawing? You want to do more with less effort? You consider code as an art? You know that beauty comes with simplicity? gen is made for you.

Some people say I will kill my business by publishing my secret weapon. What more soothing suicide could I dream than Appy's wide adoption?
Gaëtan Delannay, risk manager.
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pod - Create dynamic documents in .pdf, .doc, .odt or .rtf in a few minutes.

Producing dynamic reports can be SO simple. Use Libre/OpenOffice to create a document template, write some Python expressions in it, launch pod and you're done. pod (Python Open Document) wants to be as smaller as possible. Use your word processor as much as you can. Then switch to pod only for the tricky things.

During the dark ages of software development, creating a single page of report with JEE and XSL-FO could took up to 2 weeks. Since Gaëtan made pod, the same task can be done in ten minutes.
Damien Hubaux, paradigm-shift detector.